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Classic Rock Demo
Constant – Schlaflos
Constant – Letzter Streich
Constant – Unerfüllt
Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey
Post Malone – Circles
Tom Gregory – Small Steps
Paul McCartney – Come Up To Me



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About Unique Drums

My goal is not only to create an honest and handmade drum sound fitting to your songs perfectly, but also to give you the best professional and creative result possible. Your songs are about you and more importantly for an audience. My drumming is strongly orientated towards timing, rhythm and feeling of the given song. So I only play what fits the song and helps emphasizing the lyrics, orchestration and overall mood.


Amongst many other brands I mostly use:

Gretsch USA Custom Drums
T Berger Drums
Murat Diril Cymbals
Tama Starphonic Snares

Björn “Burn” Netten

My background really is fundamentally connected with the drums in their purest nature:
The Creation.
I was always fascinated by the necessary processes to create a finished drum or cymbal.
So I approached many drum and cymbal manufacturers over the years and started to build a little drum-heaven for myself as well as for others in a form of a drum shop.

But my fascination for creating things didn’t stop there, but it began to evolve, as finding myself behind the drum kit always brought me endless joy and curiosity.
I was inquisitively diving into the creation of sound right away and was fully-blown with capturing and recording it.
Thus, over the years I started to wonder, why this joy and fascination should only be hidden inside my own creations. Why shouldn’t I share this joy and help people with their creations and sounds?

This idea turned into what you see now.
Let me help you create something what makes others happy!



Among many other gear, I most often use the following mics and hardware:

Slate ML-1 Mics
Slate ML-2 Mics
Shure SM 57

Rode NT1

Audient iD44
Focusrite Clarett OctoPre
Audient ASP800
Goldmike 9844

Neumann KH 80 DSP

Mac Pro 12 Core with Logic Pro X
Slate / UAD / PA – Plugins